Vehicle Recovery

Vehicle towing straps are used to secure cars into place on vehicle recovery trailers. At Webex Supply, our range of recovery straps and tow straps are specifically manufactured and engineered with polyester to achieve the highest possible standards, in which our tow straps and recovery straps are available with either a 3-tonne or 5-tonne maximum breaking strength. Some of our products include:

    Tow Straps, Over Wheel Straps, Brother Winch Straps & Assistance Straps, Diverter/Link Bridging Straps

All Webex Supply’s products are made from 100% polyester with steel handles and hooks, creating durable and reliable webbing straps for recovering broken down vehicles and towing vehicles that are immobilized. Our vehicle recovery products are the perfect solution for mobile mechanics, HGV drivers or anyone who travels long distances for a living. Check out our Box Bulk Buys for special offers.

Our Vehicle Recovery Products

Webex Supplies offers a wide range of vehicle recovery products to help you get your car back on the road. Our tow straps and recovery assistance straps are made from 100% polyester, with steel handles and hooks, making them durable and reliable. They are perfect for mobile mechanics, HGV drivers, or anyone who needs to tow a car.

Our recovery straps are available in many different styles including hook and hook tow straps and hook and loop tow straps. We also offer a variety of other vehicle recovery products, such as over-wheel straps and J Hooks. Browse through our vehicle recovery straps today for a closer look.