Webbing Protection

It is important to use protective sheaths with your webbing straps and webbing slings to ensure that the polyester webbing is not damaged. Our webbing wear sleeves are affecting in preventing abrasion and cutting from sharp services, as well as general wear and tear after long durations of using the product.

By using our protective sheaths, you can ensure that the duration of your webbing strap or webbing sling will be increased, hence increasing security and protection when transporting heavy loads.

The wear sleeves are available in varying lengths and widths to suit all purposes, from 50mm to 100mm. If you require more information, make sure you send Webex Supply your enquiries via our online enquiry form.

Webbing Protection

75mm Webbing Protective Sheath


Webbing Protection

50mm Webbing Protective Sheath


Webbing Sling Protection Covers

When it comes to your safety, never take chances. That's why you need webbing protection when working with or around the webbing. Our selection of protective covers and sleeves offer superior abrasion resistance to help prolong the life of your webbing and prevent accidental cuts or scrapes. Choose from a variety of sizes, colours, and styles to suit your needs. We have 100mm, 75mm and 50mm webbing protection.

Webbing sling protection can help prevent accidental scrapes and scratches when working with or around webbing straps. You may extend the life of your webbing and assure that it is safe to use by using protective covers or sleeves. You should think about getting these if you are using flat webbing slings or round slings.