TOW STRAP – Being Prepared………..

3 Block Over Wheel Tie Down Strap
Being Prepared……….. You never know when situation may arise as accidents do happen whether it is your fault or not.  Vehicles may breakdown or become immobile due to many factors and you never know when this may happen.  Being prepared is the key in case you find yourself with a broken-down vehicle or helping someone with one. One way to stay prepared is to keep a recovery tow strap in your vehicle.
  • Weight Capacity– A tow strap will be rated for its maximum safe working weight limit. Thus, it is a good idea to figure out what you will be towing so that you can purchase a strap that meets or exceeds the weight of the object.
  • Length– You will need a strap that gives you enough length to tie and wrap the object in tow. You also need the vehicle in tow to remain a safe distance from your vehicle.
  • Type– This one may come down to preference depending on the type of attachment you have on your vehicle. Some straps will have hooks on either end while others will have only loops. If you have a ball hitch you may find it easier to use a loop strap.
Our tow straps come in three different types:
              • Tow straps with loops
              • Tow straps with hook and a loop
              • Tow straps with hooks
and can be found here: Each type of tow strap come in a variety of lengths at 50mm wide. The length of the strap needed all depends on the vehicle being towing.