What Are Ratchet Straps

You may also know ratchet straps by other names, like lashing, tie-down, or cargo straps. Generally used to secure loads, the strap size varies with the different load weights. 

Common Uses For Ratchet Straps

You see a low-loader HGV going past you, and you can be confident the load it is carrying is secure when you know ratchet straps are holding it together. Securing cargo is the most common use of ratchet straps. However, you will find several other industries make use of them. For example, professional truckers use these straps alongside professional movers to ensure their cargo travels safely. 

Breakdown and recovery trucks use them to secure cars and motorbikes. Off-roaders use them to secure their off-road bikes and ATVs when moving them around. Plus very handy to pull out any that get stuck in the mud! 

Then for those trailer owners or those who use open back pick-ups for shopping, ratchet straps are great for ensuring what is in the trailers remains there. Feeding the ratchet strap through your shopping bags might not be the first thing you think of, but it secures them and eases the worry of them falling about in the back.

Do you love DIY? Then you will see the value of ratchet straps in their ability to hold your latest project in place.

Things You Need To Know About Ratchet Straps

The Components 

Ratchet straps consist of durable, robust material resistant to mould and shrinking. A strong polyester meets these requirements as it does not absorb much water and doesn’t stretch. You can find the webbing in several colours, including yellow and orange.

Parts To A Ratchet Strap,

The fixed part is the ratchet buckle with a short piece of the webbing with a J-hook, S-hook or D-ring, usually between 12” – 18” long.

An adjustable part – this is the webbing that goes through the ratchet buckle. There are varying lengths of the webbing, from 4m to 18m. Widths are available from 25mm to 100mm, but the most common is 50mm. Narrow straps can be problematic if too narrow; they compress your load or leave a groove. 

The Breaking Point

You must know the weight of the load you are securing to use the correct ratchet straps. For example, at Webex, you can purchase ratchet straps with a breaking point of 800kgs to 5,000kg. You must match your straps to your maximum load limit. Remember that the working load limit is about one-third of the breaking point.

Ease Of Use

Maybe not a component but just as essential. Challenging to use buckles can cause a great deal of frustration. A well-designed ratchet buckle should have a good grip and be an easy release.

Webex is your go-to store in the UK for ratchet straps that carry EU certification and conform to safety performance requirements. If you want to know more about the different ratchet straps they sell, you can contact them to discuss your needs by phone or email.